Fera is a love letter to the British outdoors. Born out of a life in the wild, we celebrate it through our clothing and stories.

The British outdoors has such a strong culture but, in recent times, it has been reduced to hills and hiking and endurance events. Whilst we respect these pursuits, our great outdoors has so much more to offer. 

You can have the hike, but don’t forget the vintage Range Rover you drove to get there, the lunch you cooked over a fire, the old local you met repairing a dry stone wall who told you watch out for the black panther, and the pint you enjoyed at the end of the day in the pub. 

This is the British outdoors. This is the Fera life.

We want to give back to nature wherever we can. We donate 3% from every order to conservation projects that are helping to protect our wild.

Our clothing is designed with a refined and rugged style. It is for the wild and the street.


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