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Made for wading through bogs at dawn and Soho’s finest establishments at dusk.

Fera is our love letter to the British outdoors. 

In recent times the outdoors has become about conquering nature in a lava repellent jacket that has forty-two pockets. It’s all distances, altitudes and getting through it in record times.

But our outdoors is so much more than that. It’s not something to battle against. It’s a rich tapestry of culture. A place to have a good time. To lose yourself in.

Have your hike but drive a vintage Range Rover to get there, cook lunch over a fire, chat to the old local who warns you about the big black cat, and get a round in the local pub. 

This is the real British outdoors. 

Designed with a refined and rugged style, Fera is for the wild and the streets.


We want to give back to nature wherever we can. 

We donate 3% from every order to conservation projects that are helping to protect our wild.