An Adventure in Sustainability

Fera is, for now, a small fashion brand and we want to build in responsible practices from the beginning. We believe every brand should be doing it, especially any brand operating in the outdoors.

We want to protect and restore the wild that has inspired us. We have therefore committed to giving 3% of our net e-commerce and direct-to-consumer sales, not just profit, to conservation organisations and projects.

Beyond this commitment we are always looking to better our sustainability. We now ship 90% of our products from the factory by sea, we are working towards minimising our single use plastic, always seeking better fabrics, and above all, we are creating products that last, products that can be passed on to the next generation.

As we grow we will only have more and more resources to take us further on this journey.



For 2023, we donated 3% of our revenue to Plantlife, a charity working to secure a world rich in wild plants and fungi.


For 2022, we donated our 3% of revenue to Wildfish, the only independent charity in the UK campaigning for wild fish.