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Wildfish x Fera T-Shirt

As an outdoor brand run by two people passionate about our wild, we want to always give as much back to it as possible, even at this early stage of the brand's life. 
We have already committed to pledging 5% of our annual sales (not just profits) to conservation causes, a decision that will impact us financially but one we feel very strongly about.
However, our imaginations are always churning and we have come up with the idea of releasing products where 100% of the profits from their purchase go towards conservation. They will be limited edition runs of products created to celebrate a conservation cause or necessity.
   Fera Wildfish T-Shirt
So for our first ever conservation product, we have teamed up with Wildfish, the only independent charity in the UK helping to save our rivers and wild fish. Here at Fera we are pretty fond of our rivers and the fish that live in them, and after meeting the team at Wildfish we knew they were the good guys, fighting the good fight.
We also knew though, that we wanted to go further with this t-shirt and so to minimise the impact it has on the environment we are taking pre-orders for it. This means when we go to our factory, we will have the exact sizes for the organic cotton t-shirts and that means minimal wastage. 
We are taking pre-orders until 10th September 2022 and after that t-shirts will be dispatched 2-3 weeks later.
Please help us by spreading the word and clicking here to view our Wildfish T-Shirt.