Winter 2021 Lookbook

Winter 2021 Lookbook
It's finally time to unveil Fera's first ever collection and it is safe to say we are seriously proud of The Fera Collection. Designed with Fera's core philosophies of a reverence for nature and a focus on both functionality and style in mind, this collection is here to keep you protected and looking good this winter.
The Ranger Bag is your go to bag to grab when heading outdoors, it is smaller than many bags out there but has been designed to fit your essentials and keep the load light when on an adventure. Our Hapwarm Fleece and Heavy Twill Overshirts are guaranteed to keep you warm through these colder months and unlike many outdoor brands out there, for this collection we have used colours that are going to let you blend into nature rather than stand out. You want nature to welcome you in, and with our fabric choices the birds will be singing and the animals will not scarper away.
It has been a great journey arriving at this point for Fera and we are incredibly pleased to be launching the brand with this collection. We hope you enjoy the The Fera Collection as well as these photos from our time testing it, taken by the wonderful Patrick Tillard


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