3% to Conservation - 2022

3% to Conservation - 2022
Fera was founded by two outdoorsmen who have a keen interest in nature recovery and we want to give back to nature wherever we can. Beyond our commitment to make clothes that are made to last, we donate 3% from every order (not just the profit) to conservation charities and projects that are helping to protect our wild.
For our 2022 3%, we have chosen Wildfish, the only independent charity in the UK helping to save our rivers and wild fish. You might remember them from the charity t-shirt we did with them over the summer. They are fighting hard to protect Britain's rivers and their inhabitants and we chose them as 2022 really felt like the year the true state of our rivers was highlighted.
From Lake Windermere to your local bubbling brook, our freshwater systems are not healthy. It can be pretty depressing when you hear about wild Atlantic salmon populations have declining by 70% in the last 20 years or that the River Wharfe in Yorkshire is the only river in the whole of the UK declared safe (pollution-wise) for swimming but having met the team at Wildfish we realised not all hope was lost.
The Wildfish team are fighting the good fight and actively pushing and campaigning to help our wild fish and the habitats they live in. Having collaborated on our charity t-shirt with them, and hearing all they are doing and what needs to be done, we realised we wanted to support them as much as possible.
So here's to you. Thank you for helping us support them by ordering from us.