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A Way of Life.

Fera is a British outdoor brand born from a way of living. The British outdoors isn’t just hills and hiking, it's also full of the pursuits that brought the Fera team together. It’s fly fishing and boat capsizing, cooking over fire and campfire drinking, free diving or free climbing, dirtbikes and one or two arms in slings, and just about everything in between.

Our inspiration comes from all over, from the adventures we have been on to the history books of way back when. We are recasting the timeless classics with a contemporary edge. For too long technical, over-engineered, water, wind and lava repellent fluorescent jackets have stood out in our wild places.

Fera is bringing rugged style back to Great Britain. We are here for the true outdoor lovers, who seek out the wild or dream about it when they can’t. We are for those of us who know a passion for the outdoors has never gone out of style.

Seek Your Wild.

The wild calls to all of us. We suggest you answer it and seek your wild. 

This will mean something different to everyone. For some, finding a hidden stream or ancient tree in the middle of their city will satiate their need, for others only intrepid trips to the most remote corners of earth will end their search. Both these experiences, and the thousands in-between them, are to all be celebrated. 

We believe the wild is more than just a place; the wild is a state of mind. Get out there, find it and enjoy. Ignore the call at your peril…

Made to Last.

Everything we make is designed with functionality and longevity at the core. We focus on creating products that last, products you can trust whenever in the great outdoors. We aren’t here to chase trends and fire out collection after collection. We aim to create clothing and gear that will be passed on, from one generation to the next, or from one adventurer to another they meet along the way.

We are always on the hunt for the best materials and makers, a never ending but joyful adventure in itself. Released in small runs, they are not one season wonders, and only get better the more they are used. We make durable gear that become your trusted pieces, the ones you always grab on the way out the door, and we do this not only for your adventure but also to minimise waste and impact on the environment.

5% for the Wild

We represent those who hold a love, a deep reverence, for the great outdoors. Those of us who act upon our natural curiosity to seek a connection to nature and to go further. Those of us who inspire others to go on an adventure; who dream about the wild; who wake up early just to watch the sunrise.

And with all this comes a strong desire to protect the outdoors. We care about the impact we have on the environment and wherever possible we aim to reduce this impact but as a young fashion brand we are still conscious that it is not always possible for us to be as sustainable as we would like.

We therefore have committed to pledge 5% of our annual sales, not just profit, to conservation charities, causes and projects that we believe are saving the wild.