Fera does Black Friday

Fera GB Discount Code
Looking for a juicy discount this Black Friday? Unfortunately you have come to the wrong place. Here at Fera, we aren't doing Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts, but we are doing donations.
As a brand that has just turned one year old, each product sold is vital to our existence, crucial to our growth, but we can't help feel that there is something a little wrong with the whole Black Friday mass push to sell, sell, sell. It just doesn't feel right. The fashion industry can be tough on the environment and, even if we are outdoor lovers, we are still part of that industry. So this Black Friday we are doing something different.
We still very much want you to buy some Fera products, at full price please and with no discount. In fact, we want you to buy as many products as you can, because for this Black Friday we will be upping our usual 3% commitment to nature up to 15%. Normally we donate 3% of every sale, not just profit, to conservation causes and projects but between the 24th and 28th November we will be donating 15% of each sale to nature.
So please head to The Fera Collection over Black Friday and buy away, knowing that not only are you getting a beautiful masterpiece of a Fera product, but you are also giving back to nature.
Thank you, Sid and Dec